What people are staying.......


I remain every so grateful for the Unbound ministry! I pray often for the Lord “to restore the freedom and peace that was bubbling over in my after my prayer session. He usually answers my petition right away. Praise Jesus!  .


The Unbound Charlotte Session I had brought joy in my heart the way I haven’t experienced probably since before I was 10 years old. With the help of the facilitator and Holy Spirit, I have had a profound change that I am now realizing will permanent and life-changing. Thanks be to God. It’s been such a pervasive change that it’s hard to even notice or articulate how it has changed me/things.  

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I am still smiling and walking in the glory of my Fathers love. Agat, I cannot thank you and the Unbound Charlotte team enough!!  And thanks be to God!!!
Everyone could see the radiant joy and love of God in my countenance. I told them all the incredible gift of healing and being set free the past that I received as you and my intercessor prayed and walked with me, through the Unbound Prayer.  I told them, “I am now set free to be the person God created me to be!”  


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